Journal : Carbon Letters 
Volume : 33 
issue :  
page : 1027 
year : 2023 
authors : Soon Hyeong So†*, Seongmin Ha†, Chung Gi Min, Young-Seak Lee*, Chong Rae Park* 
DOI: : 10.1007/s42823-023-00524-0 
pubdate : 2023-05-08 
region : International 
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For the commercialization of hydrogen energy, a technology enabling safe storage and the transport of large amounts of hydrogen is needed. Porous materials are attracting attention as hydrogen storage material; however, their gravimetric hydrogen storage capacity (GHSC) at room temperature (RT) are insufficient for actual use. In an effort to overcome this limitation, we present a N-doped microporous carbon that contains large proportion of micropores with diameters below 1 nm and small amounts of N elements imparted by the nitrogen plasma treatment. The N-doped microporous carbon exhibits the highest total GHSC (1.59 wt%) at RT, and we compare the hydrogen storage capacities of our sample with those of metal alloys, showing their advantages and disadvantages as hydrogen storage materials.

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