The CARBON 2014 was successfully held under the theme of 'carbon materials for ubiquitous and sustainable life' at JeJu, Korea from June 29 to July 4, 2014.

The total number of 860 attendees fully enjoyed the conference by exchanging new scientific findings and information, strengthening their global friendships and/or by being absorbed in Nature's beauty of JeJu island. Six parallel sessions were run throughout the conference to cover almost all aspects of carbon science and engineering such as graphene, carbon nanotubes and related carbon nanomaterials, carbon fibers(including precursors) and their composites, industrial graphites, porous carbons and/or carbons for health and environmental protection, carbons for sustainable energy conversion/sotrage/savings, and characterization and modelling of carbons. 

To satisfy the participants' high interests in graphene the organization committee ran a special satellite workshop entitled "Carbon Editors' Workshop on graphene based materials" and a experts panel discussion session in addition to the regular scientific program on graphene. Another feature of this conference is that the five plenary lectures were set right prior to lunch time so that the audiences as many as possible could listen to the invaluable lectures delivering top-notched and most up-dated scientific findings in many different areas of carbon materials science and engineening. It was worthwhile to note that the session for carbon fibers and their composites attracted the highest number of audiences all the way through. This may imply that people's interests are moving from nanocarbons including graphene and nanotubes to conventional and commercially proven carbon materials like carbon fibers and their composites. It would be interesting to watch where this new movement in carbon world goes to. 


지난 7월 초에 제주도에서 개최된 Carbon 2014 에 관한 기사가 Elsevier의 Materials Today와 Carbon에 실렸습니다.


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