Journal : Advanced Science 
Volume :
issue : 202102718 
page :  
year : 2021 
authors : Jae Hui Park†, Yun Ji Oh†, Dong Yoon Park†, Joonsik Lee, Jae Seo Park, Chong Rae Park, Jae Ho Kim, Taehoon Kim, Seung Jae Yang 
DOI: : 10.1002/advs.202102718 
pubdate : 2021-09-30 
region : International 
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It is of importance to explore a new carbon nanomaterial possessing vital functions to fulfill the high standards for practical achievement of the electromagnetic (EM) barrier for blocking EM waves and the electrochemical (EC) barrier as a functional separator for EC energy storage. Herein, facile synthesis of a new class of carbon nanostructures, which consist of interconnected N-doped graphitic carbon nanocubes partially embedded by nickel nanoparticles, is described. The hollow interior of graphitic nanocube induces internal reflection of EM waves and confines active materials of EC energy storage. Nitrogen functionalities implanted in graphitic structure enhance electrical conductivity as well as improve chemical interaction with active materials. Furthermore, nickel nanoparticles in graphitic nanocube function as an EM wave-absorbing material and an electrocatalyst for EC energy storage. Through comprehensive assessments, remarkable performances originating from distinctive nanostructures give new insights into structural design for the carbon nanostructure-based high-performance EM and EC barriers.

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